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Our 5 Danish-design pieces to save space

Our 5 Danish-design pieces to save space



We’ve rounded up our top 5 multi-purpose buys, from couches to coffee tables, to help create space in your living room


Comfortable Classics

From the timeless shape to the compact, versatile silhouette and durable fabric, Anne is the perfect do-it-all couch.



Space Openers

Not only does the Calabash Hanging Chair create space in a room thanks to its slender metal structure, it’s also a decorative piece that’s as pretty as it is practical.





Show Stoppers

Every home needs a show-stopping piece of furniture and for us, that’s Elinor. Whether front and centre in your hallway or as part of your living room set-up, she can’t help but command attention.



Multi-purposes Pieces

We love an over-achieving piece of furniture, and our Vik Coffee Table is equally at home hosting a Netflix night as it is carrying your favourite one-of-a-find objects.



The Evolvers

Whether you’re planning for a new home or a new family, you’ll want furniture that can adapt with you, like the Anna couch which has a removable slipcover and will always be available in 15 unique colourways


Over the last year, the structure of our lives has shifted completely. As we spend more and more time relaxing, working, eating, socialising and exercising from our homes, we’re looking to invest more money and time into a space that can handle it all.

With our living rooms officially working overtime, it only makes sense that our pieces of furniture look to serve dual, space-saving purposes. A dining room table is no longer just a place for eating and a couch is a much more considered purchase, seeing as you’ll be spending most of your time on or around it.

If there was ever a time to invest in your home, it’s now. While the world is hopefully on its way to opening up, there is still so much unknown. Our private sanctuaries are becoming more significant than ever before as we look to find calm amidst the chaos. Whether space is at a premium or you’re kitting out your home on a small budget, it makes sense to choose furnishings that are versatile. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite multi-taskers: the clever buys and love-forever pieces that can evolve with you as your needs and space do. As always, the Danish do it best, which is why we’re looking to neutral hues, natural fibres and furniture items this winter that marry the best of form and function.

A Comfortable Classic

Anne 3-seater

These days, your couch is so much more than a couch. It’s a meeting room, a fun Friday night, a therapist and a post-workout chill spot. Long story short, your couch is performing one of the most important roles in the room, meaning you’ll need something comfortable, classic, and up to taking on this important task. The Anne is the perfect entry level sofa, not only because it’s well-priced but because it’s durable, compact and will happily pair with just about any space.

Pair with: a rounded coffee table to complement the curves of the couch and a throw for extra cosy points.

Other Comfortable Classics include: A dining room table that doubles up as a desk, and shelving units that can be repurposed from one room to the next.

Multi-purposes Pieces

The Vik Coffee Table

We love the concept of dual-purpose living room furniture and the idea that a piece we invest in might have a life beyond its original function. This is why the Vik coffee table is a no brainer when it comes to furnishing your space, because the possibilities feel somewhat endless. A beautiful centrepiece for your sitting room, it can also be used as a sideboard to display your favourite one-of-a-find decorative objects. It can also work as an at-home bar, thanks to the handy lip. We would even go as far as to use it as a bedside table adorned in a statement lamp and a stack of good books. Because it takes less space down below, you can also play with proportion up top.

Pair with: A selection of your most treasured possessions, or takeaway pizza, Netflix, a comfy couch and some family members.

Other multi-purpose pieces include: A poof, which can double as a footrest or coffee table, stools – for the exact same reason, couches or poofs with hidden storage.

The Evolvers

Anna 3-Seater

We like to think long-term when investing in our furniture by picking pieces that will adapt to our changing needs, whether that’s a new home or new family. The Anna 3-seater sofa is a natural choice for this. Firstly thanks to the removable slip-cover which helps to keep it clean come messy child or mark of red wine. Secondly because we’ve got 15 colourways available, meaning you can change up the covers as a savvier way of breathing new life into your space.

Pair with: Lots of overlapping texture in the form of cushions and nesting tables.

Living Room Openers

The Calabash Hanging Pod Chair

Certain decorative pieces, like mirrors and pieces of furniture made from materials you can see through act as savvy space openers. They might have a large surface area, but don’t take up space visually. The Calabash Hanging Pod Chair is one such piece, because it invites the eye to travel around the room in a way that slightly more solid pieces can’t. The joys of an occasional chair don’t end there. Not only does the stylish silhouette make for a piece that’s as beautiful as it is functional, the chair can also be used to create a pause moment in a hard-to-decorate corner. This can save some much-needed space in your sitting room or on your veranda for something else.

Pair with: an array of cosy throw cushions, a cup of tea and a Zoom meeting or your new book.

Other Space Openers include: mirrors, anything made of glass, any piece of furniture with a thin metal or wood structure.

The Show Stoppers

Elinor 3-Seater

We all have that one piece of furniture which makes us feel happy every time we step into our living room. It can be a statement shelf for all of your favourite finds, an expansive dining room table that reminds you of family or a striking couch like Elinor that fills you with satisfaction every time you lay eyes on it. From the elegant silhouette to the sophisticated colourway, she’s a couch that commands attention without shouting too loud. She’ll slot into a living room set-up, hallway moment or study nook with ease.

Pair with: A side table, potted plants and your favourite piece of art to create an eye- catching entrance hall pit stop.

Other Show-Stoppers include: A Chaise Longue, patterned rug or a statement occasional chair.

There we have it – a round-up of the multi-purpose space-savers guaranteed to bring a bit style and serenity to your living-slash-eating-slash-working-slash-everything space. On top of that they’ve been designed and built to last, meaning you’ll look forward to owning and styling them for decades to come.

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