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If you wish to complaint about a product that you have bought from, please send an email to within the warranty period.

In order to process your complaint, we ask that you include the following information in this email:

  • The order number.
  • 6-digit QC number (located at the bottom of the furniture).
  • Three to five photos, both close-ups and overview photos.
  • Description of the situation and when it has occurred.

Sofacompany offers 30 months warranty on the products and a lifetime warranty on the inside frame of the seating furniture (for private use).

In the case of the following items, the warranty is not valid and we are unable to process your complaint:

  • Normal wear and tear. The fabric can be wrinkled, piling, looser or the foam drops in. These are natural consequences of use. Furniture requires maintenance such as the regular tight sweeping of the fabric to prevent wrinkling and plumping the pillows to redistribute the filling.
  • Conditions caused by defective or no maintenance.
  • Incorrect installation and setup.
  • Stains or damage caused by external factors such as food products, liquids or pets.
  • Velour that change colour when the light hits the fabric from different angles. This is not a fault, but a natural occurrence with velour.
  • Most of our sofas have a very thin black lining underneath the sofa. It has no practical or aesthetic purpose once the sofa is put into place. A small hole in the lining does not warrant a complaint.

If we feel the complaint is justified, we solve the issue through replacement of spare parts, repair or exchange.