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Express yourself in Winter Colours – The Human Narrative.

Express yourself in Winter Colours – The Human Narrative.

Express yourself in Winter Colours – The Human Narrative.

"My home is my sanctuary after a long day, it’s very important for me to have an aesthetically beautiful and calming space." - Aisha Baker


in moss shitake

We love tufted fabrics for their timeless appeal and ability to adapt to modern styling. Combined with a soothing wintery hue of Abby, and you’ve got the ultimate hibernation station.



in natural

Designed in natural Oak veneer, this beautiful Nordic cabinet brings the outdoors in, and will contrast beautifully with some of your softer upholstered items.





in vega sand dune

Sleek and industrial looking, but no less comfortable for it, the Johan 3-Seater comes in the most soothing creamy hue.



Shades of Charcoal complement more modern pieces like the Miles dining set while adding depth and consideration to a room.


As the weather gets crispier and we spend more time cosying up indoors, we’re looking to a slower way of life and new ways of nesting. For our 2021 Winter Campaign, we teamed up with South African style maven, mom, home-maker and award-winning influencer Aisha Baker to bring you The Human Narrative – a celebration of the home as a haven and a look at the Winter Colours 2021 that comfort as well the little touches that make our spaces our own.

Much like the start of a new year, the beginning of a new season brings with it a chance for renewal. A chance to redefine what hygge means to us in our most sacred of spaces. Neutral hues and textures that take their inspiration from the world around us are a go-to for days spent indoors, and the way we layer them creates a narrative that’s unique to each of us - The Human Narrative.

Together with Aisha, and to welcome Winter 2021 in the Southern Hemisphere, our team of Danish furniture designers have curated the best in ergonomic design – a celebration of flow and form. Our new pieces and our new season earthtones – hues of forest mole, moss shitake, maya cream, stone, sand dune, steel, anthracite, army, amber and rust – are the perfect palette for dreamy winter cocooning. They’re also the ideal building blocks for you to add your personal touches, and they’ll help you curate the most inviting of spaces. A home that looks as good as it makes you feel.

Find your Hygge/Set the tone

“Hygge for me is the feeling of comfort when I’m in my home, that release as I walk into my bedroom knowing I am at a place where I find peace, comfort and happiness” - Aisha Baker

Hygge is part of our DNA, but the reason we love it so much is because it’s about so much more than the “stuff” around you – it’s about how a room makes you feel when you walk into it. In order to feel at peace with your surroundings, various elements need to work together to create the right atmosphere. First to sort is your colour scheme, ensuring a soothing nature-inspired palette flows throughout.

Next is lighting – keep it soft and warm so that the space around you is beautifully illuminated. You can add in some candles if you’re entertaining into the evening. Then move onto texture, contrasting cushy fabrics like our new tufted Abby lounge set with sleek organic surfaces, like our THN cabinet. Tufted fabrics are having a serious moment, not only because they’re cosy and inviting, but because they’re a timeless design that suits modern styling.

Now you’re ready for the finishing touches – think art, photos, knick-knacks, music, good food, drinks, friends or family – essentially whatever you need to feel like the happiest version of you.

SOFACOMPANY + Aisha recommend: The Abby 3-seater sofa and matching footrests in Eliott Stone and Moss Shitake, the THN cabinet in Natural Oat and Ebony

The Feeling’s Neutral

It’s no secret that we love a neutral colour scheme and our annual retreat indoors has us longing for furniture in our clean, comforting Winter 2021 shades of charcoal, clay and cream. A blend of soft-to-deep winter colours creates a calm, resting environment, allowing us to unwind and regroup our thoughts and feelings at the end of the day. The way in which you combine these tones will help to create depth and variety, lending a personalised touch to your home. We say start with your couches and layer from there, adding tactile textures in the form of throws, cushions, a wooden coffee table as well as a piece that ties it all together – like a rug. You can even play the same silhouettes off one another, by grabbing our Honey Puffs in our new season shades of Beige and Maya Cream.

SOFACOMPANY + Aisha recommend: Honey Puff Velour Beige and Honey Puff Maya Cream, Anna 3-Seater sofa Vega Sand Dune Couch.

Look to Nature

Especially after the year that’s been, we’re looking to nature more than ever to relax and rejuvenate us, whether that’s time out of the city or growing our collection of house plants. This season, look to pieces like our Johan Moss Rust Couch to bring a grounding touch to your space with earthy tones that take their cues from the outside world. Better yet, pieces crafted from natural materials like wood to channel the serenity of the great outdoors. They also help to bring some individuality to a space, because the grain of wood is unique to each item of furniture, from a coffee table to a cabinet, meaning no two are ever the same. Contrast natural surfaces with plush furnishing and you’ll create an atmosphere that’s so cosy and inviting, you might just find it hard to leave.

For extra points, pair wooden surfaces with your favourite plants and textures that take their cues from nature like our solid oak Oliver Stool to set the tone for a soothing space.

SOFACOMPANY + Aisha recommend: Johan 3-seater sofa in Moss Rust, Fjord Coffee Table , THN Cabinet

Add some Contrast

While we could happily live in a home made up of soft-as-can-be neutrals, we like to create contrast by adding darker browns, moss and forest greens, greys and accents of charcoal. Darker tones add depth and thoughtfulness to a space, and create a feeling of security while looking polished and luxurious.

You can take this two ways and go for darker walls to offset your neutral furniture, or opt for a neutral base with pops of dark details here and there, whether it’s a lampshade, ceramics, cushions or the addition of our Flora Chair in Maya Cream combined with the Anna 3-Seater in Elliot Army.

Another thing to love about darker shades? Black, greys and dark browns excel in modern and industrial settings yet never date so they offer contemporary appeal, even to traditional spaces. Put a timeless spell on a room with crisp furniture arrangements, precise architectural details and modern upholstery.

SOFACOMPANY + Aisha recommend: The Flora Chair in Maya Cream, Anna 3-Seater Elliot Army

Simplify and Sooth

“I love the simplicity of Danish design, it’s both functional and effortless, which is how I like to describe my personal style. I also love the clean lines and minimalist furniture of SOFACOMPANY” - Aisha Baker

When it comes to a considered space, we favour a less-is-more approach – really taking the time to reflect on how each piece is an expression of ourselves and the life we want to live. This season, we’re being selective with our buys, and contrasting soothing and industrial silhouettes in earthy tones – like a modern couch (our current favourite is our new Chill Sleeper Sofa by SLS in Forest Mole), with hygge-approved pieces that are slightly more voluminous – think our tufted Abby couch or our curvy Honey Puff. To complete the look, we’re opting for smooth wooden surfaces. The simple silhouettes of our Lund Coffee Table and THN Cabinet create the ultimate blank canvas for your defining decor details – the pieces that tell your story, and make home your favourite place to be.

SOFACOMPANY + Aisha recommend: Chill By SLS in Forest Mole, Astha Bench Velour, THN Cabinet

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