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5 Ways To Scandi Your Space

5 Ways To Scandi Your Space

Creating a comforting hygge-aligned atmosphere at home is about so much more than a collection of stuff. It’s about the various elements of a room working together to make you calm and content. It’s the use of space, the combination of textures, mood-enhancing lighting, sound, colour and so much more. 

It’s about the feeling you get when you walk in the door and the world melts away.

Because we’re spending more time than ever at home, it’s never been so important to invest in furniture and decorative objects that allow you to relax into the best version of yourself. We’ve put together a few tried and tested tips that take inspiration from Nordic interior design to set a soothing Scandinavian tone.

Let there be light

 Before you even consider the layout of a room, it’s important to get the lighting right, as this has an instant impact on your mood. Stark overhead lighting can contribute to a cold, sterile atmosphere while multiple table and standing lamps help create a comforting, warm glow. Once you’ve got the basic layout down, take it a step further for dinner parties or cosy evenings in with an array of candles. Both visually and sensually soothing, candles in your favourite scent lend a new dimension to your space, heightening the beauty of a simple dinner, or creating a feeling of calm in the moments it’s most needed. 

Time to talk texture

A room should take your eyes on a textural safari, inviting you to coast over satisfying surfaces and drink in delicious fabrics. Elevate each piece in your living room by finding the beauty in contrast. A Bolero basket looks even more striking next to a wooden planter, sitting beside the Maya Cream fabric of our Paula couch. A shaggy rug elevates an industrial coffee table to new levels of sophistication. Cushions and a throw make a sofa look even more pizza party-ready. If you’re concerned about tying everything together, follow our golden rule and keep it tonal, using your neutral colour palette as a common thread. 

Form and function

Contemporary Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Each piece in your home, from an occasion chair to a coffee table book, should feel considered, and not just an opportunity to fill space. We love when home furnishings serve a dual purpose, marrying form and function. A pouf or footrest can double as a coffee table; a stool can serve as a seat or a pedestal for a new plant; and baskets are as beautiful as they are practical, providing a little extra storage when needed. As part of our Nordic fusion aesthetic, otherwise known as Afronordic, we’ve incorporated locally handwoven baskets into our collection to add a rustic, lived-in touch. 

The finishing touches

 We’ve already touched on candles, but there are a few final flourishes that you can bring to a room to really make the most of its ambiance. Consider your senses and how they can be stimulated. Perhaps it’s a throw or cushions to add a tactile element, a sound system or record player to accompany various moments with your favourite music, vases for flowers, a diffuser or wood burning fire. A holistic approach to design further enhances moments of indulgence, from Fika Fridays, drinks party or Sunday night film on the sofa. 

Breathing space

 The flow of a room enhances the quality of time spent there. When considering your layout, think about how you want to make the most of each moment within the space. This can be anything from framing a view with the placement of furniture, creating the cosiest of reading nooks to incorporating a dining room table into an open-plan lounge. In Denmark, the home of hygge, most living areas are centred around a dining room table. Setting aside time for meals with loved ones is proven to improve happiness and allows us to time check in with the people we care about, and vice versa. 

There you have it: a five-point guide to creating the ultimate hygge-style set up at home. Have questions for us on how you can adapt this to your own space? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re only a DM away. 


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