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Top 5 Considerations When Buying A New Sofa

Top 5 Considerations When Buying A New Sofa

Top 5 Considerations
When Buying A New Sofa

With the increasing online choices and options out there, buying a sofa sight unseen (online)has become more and more common but are all the quality and satisfaction guarantees and warrantees per your expectations…

“Our no-questions-asked 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee ‘sits well’ with our Sofacompany community and given our amazing hospitality quality, our returns are less than 1%” advises Chantal Mangale, Showroom Manager, Cape Town


Buying a new sofa should be fun journey and it can be as exciting as finding a new home. But the search can also be equally long and tedious, requiring you to sift through listing after listing until you land on that perfect couch that checks all the right boxes.



Arming yourself with the knowledge of the components that comprise a quality sofa will help you differentiate a durable, long-lasting piece from a short-lived one.

A crash pad for lazy weekends and a companion for Netflix marathons, a couch is also a room’s centre-of-attention and the ideal spot for showing off graphic scatter cushions and chunky knit throws. Before you buy a new sofa however, there are a few key considerations to help you find that special piece that not only withstands the test of time but also gets the ample play-dates it deserves.


While there are a whole host of factors to consider from aesthetics to practicality before you set out to purchase your dream sofa; to start with, think about what’s most important to you.

“For me, it’s the perfect combination of comfort and style,” says Simonne Christie, our Head of Design. “I love to entertain guests and family and most of the time in a laidback, comfortable yet stylish setting"

1. Your Budget

Set a price range that is manageable for you and research across a wide variety of retailers and brands to find the perfect piece; consider the value proposition first and foremost.

2. Choosing a Sofa Style

“Picking out a sofa is all about striking a balance between your lifestyle and the aesthetic you are wanting to curate. Loungers should seek out deep-seated options while traditionalists might go for more of a classic look-feel” advises Sim

3. Selecting the ideal fabric

The fabric you choose for your couch is as important as its shape and style. “This is one key aspect that will determine its durability and longevity,” advises Sim, who recommends surveying an array of fabric options to find what best suits your lifestyle. “The vast majority of our fabrics have a hospitality durability rub-count of over 50,000 rubs”. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog explaining the fabric construction quality measures.

4. Measuring Your Sofa and Entryways

The magic formula: Make sure either the depth or width of the sofa is smaller than the width of your doorway—and allow wiggle room for packaging.

5. Get the quality you deserve

Checking the Sofa’s construction and durability

Poorly made sofas will serve their purpose, but live with one long enough and you’ll notice how the upholstery fades in color and texture and the cushions lose their shape or density. Having a basic understanding of the components that comprise a well-built sofa will help you invest in a piece that can withstand daily wear and tear. “Our 5-year guarantee on our foam and fabric provide the peace of mind that our customers are looking for” advises Chantal

We offer free fabric swatches as well as Interior Design consultations. Connect with us at Visit our flagship showroom in Cape Town at 179 Buitengracht St, Gardens or call us on 021 200 5904

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