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Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere

After months of semi-cocooning, South African style as we Saffers prefer to live outside the cocoon; how ready are we to let some warm fresh air into our homes with the welcoming in of Spring?! As soon as the sun decides to make more of a full-time appearance, we will open our windows, get ready for some spring cleaning, and dream about happy fresh colors and airy designs

Our timeless spring colours range has been specially curated by our very own team of Danish Designers as a great trending fashion compliment to our more muted core range earth-tones. Our Spring inspiration is pulled from our mid-century modern and intrinsically Danish industrial designs as the continuum of that sleek and stylish look we crave, and we hope you will love our new fresh pop of Spring colour as much as we do

What you can look forward to from our Spring launch

  • Beautiful materials for texture and decor interest
  • Trendy minimalist designs for a streamlined look that works beautifully in both large and small spaces
  • Soothing pops of Spring colors that work wonderfully for any eclectic decor mix
  • Functional design that is not only beautiful to look at but also great to live with (and on)
  • Timeless Trends
  • Capsule living
  • Dopamine dressing for that feel-good factor !
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Here are some quick tips to refresh your home for this upcoming Spring season:

Bring the outside in

When we talk spring we usually think of flowers. Rather bring the season inside your home by getting some house plants to add a touch of nature indoors. If you don’t have a green fingers, some freshly cut seasonal blooms from the farmers market will definitely do the trick!

Modify the lighting

With the change of the season, some rooms may need additional lighting. As the sun changes position, areas that were bright in the winter at the right time of day may now find themselves in the dark. Lighting is an essential part of decorating a room, although it is often overlooked. Adding several light sources rather than one bright overhead light will help the room look more inviting.

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Switch things around

Spring is a great time to switch around artwork and maybe rediscover your old favourites. You can also exchange the cozy winter throws, blankets and pillows on your couch for some pastel or floral options. A pretty accent chair in one of our iconic spring colours can also bring some dopamine, spring induced cheer to your bedroom or home office

There is no need to go overboard. A few well-chosen pieces in strategic places often have a more significant impact than rooms that are overstuffed with too many knickknacks.

One room at a time

Don’t get stuck in a spring cleaning rut by trying to change everything at once. Avoid chaos by focusing on one room at the time and concentrating on getting one special space done at a time.

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A change of focus

If the timing isn’t right to change the look of an entire room, but you are tired of the current styling, you can spruce it up by adding some fresh elements. A comfortable Sofacompany chair with the right lighting and a side table make for an instant reading nook, while a coffee table can make a living room not only a more convenient space to live in but will also bring in that Instagram-worthy effect, and don’t forget to tag us @sofacompanyza -;)

Plan your living space with versatility in mind and Happy Spring!

The Sofacompany Team

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