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Nature Invited: Bringing the Outdoors in

Nature Invited: Bringing the Outdoors in

Nature Invited: Bringing the Outdoors in

Join us as we embark on a journey to bring the wonders of the outdoors into the heart of your home. This season, we’re inspired by the idea of reconnecting with nature and celebrating our deep connection with earth. This trend revolves around embracing organic excellence, moody textures, and incorporating authentic shapes.

Get ready to embark on your own adventure by foraging for treasures like driftwood, eucalyptus, bark, and rocks to infuse your décor with authenticity. No matter how you choose to do it, adding some nature-inspired elements to your home will help create a refreshed and relaxing spring and summer vibe.

Hello Earthy Tones

Scandinavian design is characterised by a strong connection to nature, emphasizing the use of natural materials and clean, uncluttered lines. Bring on the beige, browns, and creams! Some of our favourite Spring/Summer fabric colours are Pebble Rust, Planet Grey Green, Now Stone and Maya Cream. The beauty of these earthy tones and comforting neutrals lies in their versatility and timelessness. They effortlessly blend with other colours and design styles and have the unique ability to instil a sense of grounding and stability in any space while simultaneously creating an organic and sophisticated ambiance. By incorporating these hues, we place an emphasis on fostering a sense of openness and spaciousness within our living environments.

Let’s Talk Textures

Moody textured fabrics have the remarkable ability to evoke the essence of natural elements, from the rugged bark of trees to the smooth, weathered surfaces of pebbles on a beach. One way to introduce textures into your interior is by incorporating bouclé – a richly textured and timeless fabric that has been trending for years. This season, we're particularly fond of our Pebble Rust bouclé fabric. Our bouclé and ‘mohair-feel’ fabrics deliver on strong abrasion performance, affording minimal pilling and are also of the highest levels of serviceability - up to 100,000 rub count.

Curves & Comfort

Organic shapes are all inspired by the natural world. Think soft, rounded pieces and the elegant flow of curves. Two furniture pieces that come to mind are Alma and Rose. Our Alma swivel armchair is inspired by the way beach stones are laid in natural, imperfect layers. This is particularly evident in her backrest, which gives her a slightly artistic character - and which at the same time ensures good reclining comfort. Then there is Rose, our 2.5 seater couch, with her asymmetrical silhouette and a floating quality that introduces an effortless, natural, and informal element to your living space. These pieces seamlessly merge the beauty of nature with the world of interior design, offering a fresh perspective on comfort and style.


Passionate about the environment? So are we. As we take cues from the nuances of nature and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor, we are also cultivating a serene relationship with the outside. With a considerable proportion of our high quality fabrics being made from recycle polyester, you can take comfort in knowing that your sofa is not only beautiful, but that is also an environmentally responsible choice. It’s the perfect embodiment of comfort and eco-responsibility.

Click here for our curated collection that draws inspiration from the outdoors, offering a unique blend of serenity and rejuvenation.

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