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Ellie - Life of the Dinner Party

Ellie - Life of the Dinner Party


Ready for long, delightful dinner parties? Then our elegant Ellie Dining Chairs are a must-have addition to your dining room, being the heart of any home. Here are our top four considerations for selecting the perfect dining chair!


Ergonomics are no longer optional when it comes to seating. Our Ellie Dining Chairs boasts a well-padded seat and a supportive backrest, ensuring that your guests are comfortable for hours on end. The slightly encircling backrest encourages good posture, making it an excellent choice for long dinner parties or family gatherings.


In a world where versatility is key, our Ellie Dining Chairs shine! With a modern, sleek design she fits into different settings and can seamlessly integrate with various dining room and interior styles, from classic to contemporary.


Size matters! Make sure dining chairs fit well around your dining table, leaving enough space for guests to move in and out comfortably. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your dining area but also contributes to the overall comfort and functionality of your space.


Eco-consciousness is a growing trend in furniture design, and our Ellie Dining Chairs does not disappoint. Crafted from sustainably sourced materials, Ellie is both stylish and environmentally friendly. Ellie’s inner frame in FSC®-certified wood has a lifetime guarantee, and we use HR foam, which makes this chair both comfortable and long-lasting.


Investing in upholstery adds aesthetic charm to a dining room as well as extra comfort during extended meals. The texture of the fabric can also add depth and visual interest to your dining area. Our Ellie Dining Chairs are manufactured from premium quality materials and comes in two sturdy variations: one with black metal legs and the other with oak soap legs. The two stunning colour options, Pebble Rust, and Vega Sand Dune, each have unique characteristics:

Pebble Rust

This warm soft bouclé fabric is woven from threads in different shades of earth and rust. The inviting colour exudes a cozy atmosphere. It pairs exceptionally well with wooden or earthy-toned dining tables. Pebble Rust in a bouclé fabric creates a rustic charm, making your dining area feel welcoming and relaxed. The fabric is also woven from 50% recycled polyester. Polyester is practical for furniture, as it is both durable, lightfast, and easy to maintain.

Vega Sand Dune

This light, neutral shade brings a touch of elegance to your dining space. It complements both contemporary and classic interiors, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a timeless and versatile colour option.

The best colourway for dining chairs ultimately depends on personal style and the existing colour scheme of the dining room.

Designed by Danish Designer Helen Bachmann, our Ellie Dining Chairs with minimalistic elegance, sustainability, versatility, and neutral colour palettes, embodies the spirit of contemporary design. So, whether you opt for the cozy Pebble Rust or the elegant Vega Sand Dune, our Ellie Dining Chair promises to be the life of your dinner party for years to come.

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