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AfroNordic - Where Scandinavian minimalism and African eclecticism meet

AfroNordic - Where Scandinavian minimalism and African eclecticism meet

I’ll let you in on a little secret… While I find sanctuary in the clean lines, minimalism and functionality of Nordic or Scandinavian decor, I’m also drawn to the striking details and eclecticism of contemporary African design. Maybe it’s the adventurous spirit, the bold depiction of culture or the timeless colour palette inspired by mother nature… maybe it’s living in South Africa and the fact that we’re surrounded by exceptional local talent, but something keeps drawing me back.

We wanted to find a way to merge these two worlds, so as part of our
SOFACOMPANY Africa sustainability journey, we are committed to sourcing organic, sustainable and handmade decorative accessories. Through this, we also want to build a unique AfroNordic aesthetic as we feel the two aesthetics live quite beautifully together.

For us, this isn’t so much about uphauling your space or starting over but rather about adding various accents, or viewing African design details through a Scandi-lens. It’s an amalgamation of earthy hues, organic textures, local handwoven fabrics and the odd statement piece.

Here are my simple tips for building this look in your home:

Look to local: Hit your local craft market in search of African prints, pottery or organic fabrics and textiles – think scatter cushions, throws and ceramics.

Baskets: Baskets are your best décor friends as they’re a beautiful blend of form and function, and add depth to a space with texture.

Less is more: Your accents should be the protagonists of your space so make sure to curate them carefully. Create a pause moment in an entryway or reading corner with a collection of decorative objects that complement each other.

Build on your style: Begin your journey by using your existing style as a neutral base. African pieces can’t help but add a touch of originality, even among intrinsically Scandinavian furniture pieces.

Take your time when it comes to building the space of your dreams, and as always, our team is on hand to help bring your aesthetic to life.

To health, happiness and living a more meaningful, inspired life.

Jonno, Head of Creative
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